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Create A Space For Joy 

Once you step into to the Daddy Rabbit NYC, downstairs at LouLou in Chelsea, you'll soon sense the energy. This is an intimate, inclusive and perrenially humming speakeasy with a capacity of just 70. You'll also notice that, unlike most live music venues, there's no stage. Instead we adorn the center of the room with a grand piano and let the audience mingle with the world-class ensemble throughout the act. This makes the Daddy Rabbit a singularly immersive musical experience. Sharing the space with these artists means the music surrounds and flows through you. At times you'll struggle to find a dry eye in the house. In a period of great conflict Daddy Rabbit sets the intention of creating a joyful sanctuary for you to succumb to the global language of heartfelt music. 

Collaborate With The Best

Through a lifetime in music Misha has created a sensational network of like-minded musicians who share his enthusiasm for invigorating audiences through live music. No two shows are the same as he constantly welcomes new and returning guests to his ensemble. The array of talent and musical instruments is always impressive. But what usually makes the deepest impression is the connection these artists all share with music. We have all been touched by the profound beauty of music at one time or another. Misha and his friends attempt to take you to that place every time they play. 


Meet Misha

Misha Piatigorsky comes from a celebrated family of musicians and has a fascinating story. Find out more about him in this recent interview.

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